Friday, March 20, 2020

One "place" still has open borders: "headband nation" :)

A few days ago, someone on Facebook joked that, within about three weeks, we'll know everyone's real hair color.  But it didn't really register with me what that meant until the following day, when an old friend called and said that she'd been warned not to get a haircut.  Yep, it's literally impossible to practice social distancing when sitting in a hairdresser's or barber's chair.  And hairdressers and barbers will probably be closed :(   Guys may have some luck using home trimming kits, but if not, well, just think of that ponytail as the "retro hippy" look.  :)  Most of us women, though, won't have the "home-haircut" option.  I haven't had long hair in probably over thirty years, but, on the plus side, I don't think my husband will complain.  :)

"Headband nation, " here I come  :).



Anonymous Kid Charlemagne said...

I have a Y chromosome. I cut my hair once a year. when I started doing this I would cut my hair before Rosh HaShannah. but then I realized that it would be best to have my hair at its longest in the winter and not the summer so I switch my annual trim to before Passover. at this point I guess I will think about getting my hair cut after the Omer

Sat Mar 21, 01:14:00 AM 2020  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Lucky you! If I go more than about five weeks without a haircut, I look like a mop. :)

Mon Mar 23, 10:23:00 PM 2020  

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